Junior Golf participants will be rewarded for consistency of play and participating in multiple tournaments worldwide. Playing in multiple ranked events worldwide will provide players with the best chance of improving their ranking.

Individual Ranking Rules:

  • The age of participation will be from age 12-19 for boys and girls.
  • The rankings will only count the oldest age division unless all players play from the same tees and the fields can be combined to create one event
  • The ranking reserves the right to add and drop tournaments at any time.
  • Rankings will run on a 12-month rotation

The more events junior golfers play in (and perform well), the more points they will be awarded.


Point based systems are straight forward in their calculations, and for junior golfers they will encourage play.

The WJGR assigns Levels to tournaments (as associated point scales) based benevolence, education, yardage, slope and course rating and marketing concepts that create value for the individual junior.

All recognized, ranked events will have weighted points based from first to last place.  For events with cuts, even those players who do not make the cut will be recognized and rewarded points.

The number of ranking points will be determined by the quality of the event as it relates to the specific standards and criteria as well as the strength and positive influence in the world golfing community.

LEVEL 1 POINTS 8,000-10,000


Criteria to be ranked:

  • Tournament must host both boys and girls at same time.
  • Tournament must be a minimum of 3 competitive rounds over a 3 day period, unless there is make-up for inclement weather, but must complete at least 18 holes
  • Tournament has a high volunteer base, based on ratio of players to volunteers
  • Tournament covers all costs for competitors’ golf, accommodations, and meals
  • Tournament has a dedicated website and is marketed on a local, regional, national and international level. The marketing plan includes a media plan to promote and cover the event.
  • Tournament includes broadcast through live webcam and/or television.
  • Players represent an international field. There should be no more than 65% of the competitors from the host country. At least 9 of countries must be represented at the event. Registration for the event must include the participant’s home country information.
  • Tournament must offer educational and developmental resources at the event to enhance the knowledge, skill and well-being of the competitors, their families, and coaches.

LEVEL 2 POINTS 6,000 – 8,000


Events that meet part of the Sanctioned Event criteria will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and can be included in the World Junior Golf Ranking.

  • Events that only host boys or girls.
  • Events that are fewer than 3 rounds.
  • Events that do not require large groups of volunteers and/or involve the surrounding community.
  • Tournament does not cover all costs to competitors, entry fees are paid.
  • Tournament has a limited website that is not marketed on a global scale. There is a minimal marketing plan in place to promote and cover the event.
  • The has more than 65% representation from one country and/or less than 9 countries are represented.
  • The tournament offers limited educational opportunities.

LEVEL 3 POINTS 4,000 – 6,000

Level 3 Ranked Tournaments

Events that do not meet Level 1 or Level 2 guidelines are evaluated on an individual basis. If they show potential to grow into a higher level event; they will be ranked in Level 3 and re-evaluated every year by the Board.


World Junior Golf Foundation Board members, with representatives from around the world and many different areas of junior golf, will periodically review golf tournaments held worldwide.They will take into consideration the world’s geographic governing bodies of golf, individual country’s federations and unions, independently run events, and organized benevolent acting junior golf tour organizations on an annual basis. The Board uses specific criteria to determine whether the event will be included in the World Junior Golf Ranking.


The World Junior Golf Ranking System is the first INTERNATIONAL point based ranking system for all WJGS worldwide sanctioned events, Governing Bodies of Golf, individual countries federations and unions.  There are many successful point based systems for adult amateur golfers, like the R&A World Golf Ranking system, however this is the first time a point based system has been brought to the junior landscape inclusive of Golf Governing Bodies which are specifically recognized through organizations such as The World Golf Foundation and The International Golf Federation.


On October 3, 2006 The World Junior Golf Foundation was formed with one of its specific missions to find the best juniors in the world by developing World Junior Ranking system. The primary goal of the World Junior Golf Ranking is to create consistent criteria to define a world-class junior golf event, thereby resulting in only those events that currently meet the criteria to participate in the World Junior Golf Ranking. This criteria will benefit both players and governing organizations by ensuring the participating junior golf events provide a positive, competitive experience designed to preserve, sustain, and emulate the true Spirit of the Game.

In December 20th of 2009 at the American Junior a WJGS event the World Junior Golf Foundation announced the creation of the World Junior Golf Ranking . Recently, The World Junior Golf Foundation has established a new, improved, unique, and comprehensive online golf education resource for junior golfers tied in with a new and improved ranking system. Welcomed by many tour organizers, leading golf organizations, juniors, amateurs and professionals around the world, the ranking adds another important dimension and resource to its website and to the education and growth of junior golf through the new World Junior Golf Ranking System. The World Junior Golf Rankings is a select ranking system that is used to rank the top junior Boys and Girls ages 19 and under worldwide. These rankings will be used to determine the #1 Boy and #1 Girl junior golfer in the world.